Job Opportunities


VA 15-190: Compliance Coordinator-System Level-Administration Building

VA 17-68: RN-Float Pool-Department of Health

VA 17-69: LPN-Float Pool-Department of Health

VA 17-70: CNA Float Pool-Department of Health

VA 17-110: Medical Tech/Medical Lab Tech-Float Pool-CNCH

VA 17-130: EMT-Basic/Intermediate-Float Pool-CNCH

VA 17-131: Paramedic-Float Pool-CNCH

VA 17-182: Quality Improvement Specialist-Ambulatory-Okmulgee

VA 17-196: Surgical Technician-Float Pool-DOH

VA 18-12: Psychiatry Tech-HOPE Unit-MCN Medical Center

VA 18-29: Pharmacy Clerk-(Float Pool)-Okemah Clinic

VA 18-40 Phlebotomist-(2nd Shift)-Float Pool-Medical Center

VA 18-63: Respiratory Therapist (Float Pool)-MCN Medical Center

VA 18-66: Phlebotomist-(Float Pool)-CNCH

VA 18-77: UltrasoundTechnologist (Float Pool)-CNCH-Okemah

VA 18-96: MLT-MT(Float Pool)-MCN Medical Center

VA 18-111: UltrasoundTechnologist (Float Pool)-MCN Medical Center

VA 18-121: Coding Specialist II-Okemah

VA 19-04: Audiology Technician-Eufaula

VA 19-22: Paramedic-MCN Medical Center (4 Positions)

VA 19-24: Psychiatry Tech-HOPE Unit (Float Pool)-MCN Medical Center

VA 19-40: Infection Prevention Specialist-Okmulgee

VA 19-60: Psychiatric Social Worker-(HOPE Unit)-(Part-Time)-MCN Medical Center

VA 19-61: Psychiatry Technician-HOPE Unit-MCN Medical Center

VA 19-88: Physical Therapist Assistant-Eufaula

VA 19-95: Physical Therapist Assistant-(2 Positions)-MCN Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 19-110: Patient Registration Clerk (Float Pool)-MCN Medical Center

VA 19-137: Hospital Pharmacist-MCN Medical Center

VA 19-145: Nuclear Medicine Technologist (Float Pool)-MCN Medical Center

VA 19-151: Trauma Specialist-Clinician (BHS)-Trauma Grant-Sapulpa-Koweta

VA 19-153: Prevention Specialist-Meth and Suicide Prevention (MSPI) Grant-Eufaula

VA 19-162: Revenue Cycle-Patient Access Senior Manager-Okmulgee

VA 19-179: LPN -CNCH

VA 19-183: RN-ER-MCN Medical Center

VA 19-215-CHS Coordinator-Okmulgee Clinic

VA 19-227 Medical Tech-Medical Laboratory Technician-CNCH

VA 19-240 Medical Assistant (Care Management)-Sapulpa Clinic

VA 19-241 Medical Assistant (Primary Care)-Sapulpa Clinic

VA 19-244 CNA-MCN Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 19-246 Radiology Technologist (Float Pool)-Department of Health

VA 19-248 Program Assistant-TOR-MAT Program-Okmulgee

VA 19-249 BHS Clinician-SBIRT-Koweta

VA 19-252 BHS Care Coordinator-SBIRT-Okmulgee

VA 19-255 Level II Clinic Coder-Okmulgee

VA 19-257 Director of Emergency Department Services-CNCH-Medical Center

VA 19-258 Director of Nursing-CNCH

VA 19-261 Patient Registration Clerk-Wetumka Clinic

VA 19-263 Prevention Specialist-Native Connections Grant-Okemah

VA 19-266 Patient Registration Clerk-Receptionist-Okmulgee

VA 19-270 Optometry Assistant-Okemah Clinic

VA 19-274 Speech Language Pathologist-MCN Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 19-277 Maintenance Technician-Okemah

VA 19-278: RN-MCN Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 19-279 LPN-Sapulpa Clinic

VA 19-281: CHR Generalist (Creek County)-Okemah

VA 19-282: Food Service Worker-PRN-MCN Department of Health

VA 19-284: Ultrasound Technician-Koweta

VA 19-285: Speech Language Pathologist (PRN)-MCN Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 19-286: Physical Therapist-(PRN)-MCN Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 19-287: Dental Assistant Supervisor-Koweta Clinic

VA 19-289: LPN -(HOPE Unit)-MCN Medical Center

VA 19-290: RN Case Manager-MCN Medical Center

VA 19-292: Patient Financial Accounts Receivable Specialist-Okmulgee

VA 19-295 Communications Specialist-Okmulgee

VA 19-296 Policy Analyst-Okmulgee

VA 19-297 LPN-MCN Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 19-298 Administrative Assistant (Performance)-Okmulgee

VA 19-299 Program Administrator-Okmulgee

VA 19-301: Pharmacy Technician-Sapulpa

VA 19-302: Diabetes Nurse Case Manager-Koweta

VA 19-307: Environmental Technician – CNCH

VA 19-311: Administrative Assistant-BHS – Koweta

VA 19-312: Case Manager Specialist (LPN) – CHS – Okmulgee

VA 19-313: Psychiatry Technician-HOPE Unit (2 Positions) – MCN Medical Center

VA 19-315: Consultant – Clinician – (SBIRT) – BHS-Eufaula

VA 19-316: Food Service Worker – PRC

VA 19-317: Psychiatry Technician – HOPE Unit – MCN Medical Center

VA 19-318: Optometrist – Okemah Clinic

VA 19-319: Scheduling Clerk – Okmulgee

VA 19-320: Safety Technician-Medical Center

VA 19-321: LPN-MCN Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 19-322: Physical Therapy Assistant-Koweta

VA 19-323: CHR Operations Manager-Okemah

VA 19-324: Physician-Okmulgee Clinic

VA 20-01: Clinical Informatics Specialist (BHS) – Okmulgee

VA 20-02: Diabetes Program Clerk – Koweta Clinic

VA 20-03: Patient Registration Clerk – Eufaula Clinic

VA 20-04: Patient Registration Clerk – Eufaula Clinic

VA 20-07: Project Administrative Assistant (BHS) – Sapulpa

VA 20-08: Dental Assistant – Koweta

VA 20-09: Chiropractic Assistant – Eufaula

VA 20-10: Optometry Technician – Koweta

VA 20-11: Dental Assistant – Koweta