Job Opportunities


VA 15-190: Compliance Coordinator-System Level-Administration Building

VA 16-21: Patient Safety/Clinical Risk Management Coordinator-Administration

VA 17-67: Radiology Technologist-MCN Medical Center

VA 17-68: RN-Float Pool-Department of Health

VA 17-69: LPN-Float Pool-Department of Health

VA 17-109: Speech Language Pathologist-Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 17-110: Medical Tech/Medical Lab Tech-Float Pool-CNCH

VA 17-112: RN-Med Surg-MCN Medical Center

VA 17-113: Patient Registration Clerk-MCNMC-Float Pool

VA 17-116: Diabetes Nurse Case Manager-Eufaula

VA 17-125: Transcription Specialist-Float Pool-Okmulgee

VA 17-130: EMT-Basic/Intermediate-Float Pool-CNCH

VA 17-131: Paramedic-Float Pool-CNCH

VA 17-136: Clinician-BHS-Koweta

VA 17-137: Clinician-BHS-Okmulgee

VA 17-149: Maintenance and Operations Supervisor-MCNPRC

VA 17-152: EMT Basic-MCNMC

VA 17-155: Environmental Technician-(5 Positions)-CNCH

VA 17-159: Physician-Okemah Clinic

VA 17-161: Environmental Technician-Part Time-MCNPRC

VA 17-171: Medical Laboratory Technician-Sapulpa

VA 17-174: Podiatry Medical Assistant-Koweta

VA 17-175: Clinician-BHS-Okemah

VA 17-178: Clinical Data Analyst-MCN Medical Center

VA 17-182: Quality Improvement Specialist: Ambulatory-Okmulgee

VA 17-184: Inpatient Chief Pharmacist-CNCH

VA 17-186: RN-MCN Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 17-188: LPN-Sapulpa Clinic

VA 17-194-Director of Revenue Cycle and Data Management-Okmulgee

VA 17-199: Pharmacy Tech – Okmulgee

VA 17-200: Optometry Technician – Okemah

VA 17-201: Optometrist – Okemah

VA 17-202: Physical Therapist Assistant – MCNPRC

VA 17-203: Patient Registration Clerk -MCNMC- Float Pool

VA 17-204: MRI Technologist-Float Pool-MCN Medical Center (2 Positions)

VA 17-206: Dental Office Coordinator-Okmulgee Clinic

VA 17-207: Coding Specialist II-Okmulgee, Pine Building

VA 17-210: Environmental Technician-CNCH

VA 17-211: Phlebotomist-Medical Center

VA 17-212: RN (PM Shift)-PRC

VA 17-214: Psychiatry Tech-HOPE Unit-MCN Medical Center (6 Positions)

VA 17-215: RN-Psych HOPE Unit-MCN Medical Center (6 Positions)

VA 17-216: Optometry Assistant-Okemah Clinic

VA 17-218: Health Information Management Analyst-CNCH

VA 17-219: Administrative Assistant-SBIRT-BHS-Koweta

VA 17-220: Clinician-BHS-Okemah

VA 18-01: RN-PM Shift-MCN Medical Center

VA 18-02: Pharmacy Clerk-(Float Pool)-Okemah Clinic

VA 18-03: RN-Emergency Department (Night Shift)-MCN Medical Center

VA 18-04: Medical Assistant-Sapulpa

VA 18-05: Case Manager-CHS-Okmulgee Baker Building

VA 18-06: Assistant Director of Nursing-MCN Physical Rehabilitation Center

VA 18-07: Materials Clerk-Okemah

VA 18-08: Maintenance Technician-(2 Positions)-Okemah

VA 18-09: Safety Technician-Okemah

VA 18-10: Drug Room Clerk-CNCH-Okemah

VA 18-11: Optometry Technician-Sapulpa

VA 18-13: CNA-MCN Medical Center

VA 18-14: Office Manager-Okmulgee Clinic