Glowing Compliments

Glowing Compliments

This is a way of recognizing and/or complimenting the service of a department and/or a staff that you feel has gone above and beyond to provide extremely great service and care to patients, visitors or co-workers.


Feb. 25, 2019

Above and beyond

Jan. 25, 2019

I would like to highlight the efforts of pharmacist Nathan Wyatt. One of our patients was facing a $600 co-pay on a medication that our pharmacy does not carry, but the patient desperately needs. The outside pharmacy did not want to put in the effort to help our patient reduce this cost, but that didn’t deter Mr. Wyatt. He stayed on the phone with the insurance company for over an hour, of his own time, getting to the bottom of the issue. After all of his efforts our patient was left with a ZERO dollar co-pay. All because Mr. Wyatt went above and beyond. Thank you for your help!!

—Muscogee Creek Nation nurse Lacey McCoy

Thank you!

Jan. 4, 2019

My son (5), a citizen, broke his arm over the new year while on vacation with my family in Oklahoma. I would like to thank all of the ER staff, admissions, and Dr. Nichols surgery team for the kindness and patience they showed my family, and son who has sensory processing disorder. A special thank you to Rebecca Garrett in the ER for her kindness a smiling nurse who loves her job and patience is very reassuring. It made the anxiety of 800 miles apart much easier to handle, knowing he was in good hands. Thank you Mvskoke Nation. You are such a value to all citizens near and far! Mvt ci, is not enough!

—Nicole S.


Dec. 7, 2018

Last year I felt doomed to a life of high blood sugar and obesity. Thank God for Amanda Wyatt and the Creek Nation! She helped me get to a normal blood sugar and lose weight. I am NO LONGER having to take insulin!

Thank you, all!

—Susan D.

Outstanding Service

Aug. 20, 2018

I would like to give a “Glowing Compliment” to Carol Thompson, Stephanie Davis and Shawna Wind, for there outstanding service and assistance to a patient that was very frustrated and had given up on the Indian Health System.  Patient stated that they had been given the “run around” by other IHS Health Systems; patient has been sick for two years and could not get the referrals needed to take care of issues.  The three staff worked with the patient and set her up with an appointment very quickly and were very kind and helpful.  Thank you for doing such a great job for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Community Hospital.

—Robyn Yearby, Patient Advocate, you make my job easy.


Feb. 15, 2018

I was seen by Mrs. Taylor Williams not long ago and just had the best visit I’ve had in years with any dietitian. She was very helpful and kind. She continued to encourage me and I left there feeling even more confident that I could continue this healthy journey. Please do not let this one get away.

I also talked with a woman by the name of Amanda in that dept. who was very helpful and sweet and, of course, I can’t leave out Lezlie Glass, who is a sweetheart.  All 3 always have smiles on their faces. I love these women and proud they are helping take care of our citizens!!!


Koweta Dental

My son has been seen here a couple times. The entire staff is amazing. Everyone back there is extremely nice and you can tell they always stay busy.

– Lacey

Diabetes Program

Nov. 2, 2017

A year and a half ago my A1C was out of control. I was always tired and felt run down. I was introduced to my insulin management nurse, Brandy Fife and with her words of encouragement, easy mannerisms, and excellent ways of explaining the different reasons why and what’s causes different lows and highs my A1C is now staying 7 or below. My insulin intake has been cut in half! Not only have I been extremely lucky to of been introduced to one heck of a nurse who listens to my needs but I’ve also made a wonderful friend.

Thank you,



 Professional, Willing to Help, & Always returns Messages

I would like to give Glowing Compliments to Lisa Burney, LPN, Contract Health Case Manager. She ALWAYS returns my messages and answers any questions I may have about Contract Health issues. She is ALWAYS pleasant and willing to help me with whatever it may be or direct me to the person I need to talk too. MVTO Lisa. I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!

-Darri J.

MCNDH Patient Advocate

Robyn Yearby exemplifies the compassion, dedication and work ethic that all MCN employees and citizens in general should aspire to achieve. She is a tremendous asset for Mvskokvlke and the Mvskoke Nation. The Mvskoke way(eyasketv, vnokevkv, kvncvpv) personified. It’s a shame more citizens don’t realize this great resource is available to assist them in navigating our health system.


Always Helpful

I can call Kristi Heneha at Eufaula Clinic for any information in regards to Soonercare and patient benefits and she always helps! Kristi is one employee that makes clinic visits not stressful!!!!

– Sue H.

Just wanted to pass on the compliments

Good Morning,

I received two very good compliments on Krystal Salsman and Kelsey TwoBear. Some of my family members have gone to see them in Sapulpa and said they were excellent! I just wanted to pass on the compliments on…

Have a Great Day!



Professional and willing to help

I would like to recognize the efforts of Mrs. Eva Cox, MCN Clinic Benefits Coordinator, for her professionalism and willingness to assist not only myself, but all of the patients and clients of the Okmulgee Indian Clinic.

I recently had a problem with my Part B Medicare for which (I believe) she cheerfully and expertly assisted me in talking to Social Security, assisted with necessary paperwork, and outlining the procedures I had to take in order not to be penalized for not applying for my Part B Medicare when I should have (due to my lack of knowledge). She saved me having to be penalized.

She is a professional, is genuinely concerned about the patients, and strives to find a solution to the issues faced by many of the clinic patients, like myself.

Her expertise and demeanor add to the credibility of all staff at the clinic, and she should be recognized for her outstanding work.

Thank you,

Kathryn B.

Efficient & Prompt

Eufaula Health Center has the VERY BEST scheduler and front desk person! Tammie is ALWAYS prompt to get appointment for the kids I work with as well as ALWAYS pleasant! Tammie is /will/can be a TOTAL asset to any area of the Health Service. She is the MOST efficient person I know!

– Sue H.

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