Contract Health


  • CHS provides the following services:
  • Referral processing (outpatient/inpatient)
  • Case management for emergency room visits and inpatient hospital stays
  • Coordination of care
  • Liaison support between patients and vendors
  • Payment processing for contracted care
  • Emergency Medical Assistance Program (EMA) available for eligible Muscogee (Creek) citizens
  • Vision Program available for eligible Muscogee (Creek) citizens


  • Federally recognized Indian with proof of membership via a tribal membership card or Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB)
  • Residence must be within IHS-designated service area or within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation boundaries
  • CHS is a payer of last resort and all other resources must be utilized first including but not limited to: Medicare, Medicaid, Sooner Care, Veteran’s Benefits, Worker’s Compensation, and Private insurance.


CHS is staffed with 16 employees at the Central Office in Okmulgee and 9 coordinators/techs at the five outlying MCN clinics and hospital. Get to know your coordinators in the field as they are an important part of the referral process and serve as the liaison between MCN doctors and contracted providers. Coordinators at each clinic include:
Eufaula: Jenice Jones – 918.689.2547

Koweta: Marjorie Crawford – 918.279.3222 & Marsha Ford –  918.279.3216
Okemah: Amber Frazier – 918.623.1424 ext. 1013, Robin Marshall –  918.623.1424 ext. 1017, & Candace Cheatwood –  918.623.1424 ext. 1018
Okmulgee: Tricia Van Straten -Tate – 918.591.5772 & Carla Slape – 918.591.5754
Sapulpa: Justina Kemp – 918.224.9310 ext. 2269 Brandi Simpson – 918.224.9310 ext. 2244


EMA and Vision Program Contacts:
Tiarra Jimboy – Tribal Sponsorship Coordinator: 918.758.2710 ext. 4357
Malinda Baker – EMA Payment: 918.758.2710 ext. 4384
Sarah Taylor – Tribal Vision Program: 918.758.2710 ext. 4358

The CHS program also receives health care funds from the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to supplement the IHS funds for referred services and to provide tribal programs for emergency medical assistance (EMA) and vision services. This allows a majority of Creek citizens to get the needed medical services, medicines, durable medical equipment and glasses they require.

Eligibility requirements for use of tribal funds are nearly the same as for the CHS program. Creek citizens must reside within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation boundaries to receive medical health care referral approval. However, for the EMA and Vision Programs, requirements vary in that the vision program covers the entire state, while the EMA program will assist Muscogee (Creek) citizens regardless of residence. Please see the map which shows the Muscogee (Creek) Nation boundaries.


Case management for the CHS program is a critical component for receiving services and assistance with processing a 72-hour call-in and reporting an emergency room visit. Our staff at CHS provides the liaison support for patients and is the first-step in obtaining help for medical expenses incurred when accidents happen or hospitalization is needed for critical care. Our case management provides the following services:

  • Initial contact for reporting of emergency room visits and inpatient hospital stays
  • Helps patients obtain required documentation to process the call-in e.g. medical records and discharge summaries
  • Coordinates patient care with other resources and ensures continued care when needed after discharge e.g. physical therapy or other rehabilitation services
  • Processes all incoming outpatient and inpatient referrals for medical review purposes
  • Follows up and screens patients for alternate resources
  • Assists with the appeals process

The case management staff is available to answer questions or provide additional information as needed. Please feel free to contact our staff at any time!



Patty Starr – RN: 918.758.2710 ext. 4368
Lisa Burney – LPN: 918.758.2710 ext. 4352

Our goal at Contract Health Services is to provide the most effective and efficient services available to ensure those who are entrusted to our care receive quality services. MVTO!


The Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA) program is a tribal program that provides assistance to eligible Creek citizens regardless of where they live in obtaining:

  • Prescribed medications not available within a tribal or IHS health facility (no over the counter medications)
  • Prescribed medical equipment necessary to sustain health and well-being (oxygen, concentrators, walkers)
  • Prosthesis (artificial limbs)

This program is not intended to cover the total cost of prescriptions and related expenses. An application must be initiated at one of our health facilities and eligibility must be established prior to receiving assistance. There are benefit limit amounts for each category and applicant must furnish documentation verifying all other available resources (Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance, etc.) have been exhausted.


  • Health Maintenance: $2,500 per year
  • Life Sustaining: $5,000 per year

Emergency Call-In Procedures
Emergencies must be reported within 72 hours after the beginning of treatment or admission to a health care facility. The notification is extended to 30 days for the elderly 65 years of age or older who have a limiting physical condition that prevents them from notifying CHS. Steps to follow when calling:

1. Call 918.758.2710 x 4363 or toll-free 877.435.2323

2. Speak with a case manager who will take your information and ask specific questions regarding your emergency

3. If case manager is unavailable, leave your name and number. If after-hours or weekends, your call will be returned the first business day.


The Tribal Vision Program provides assistance to eligible Creek citizens who reside within the State of Oklahoma in obtaining a vision examination and eye glasses. Citizens are eligible every two years for this program and must fill out an application and follow these general guidelines:

  • Applicant must use MCN contracted optometrist or any Tribal/IHS facility optometrist
  • CONTRACT PROVIDER: Prior approval must be obtained before an appointment can be scheduled with the contract optometrist
  • TRIBAL FACILITY: Applicant must provide their prescription or order form from the optometrist and it must be written within a 6-month period
  • Payer of last resort meaning all resources must be utilized first and there is a benefit limit for exam ($60.00) and glasses ($240.00)

Funding is expended based on priority guidelines with enrolled original allotters and children 18 years of age and under receiving the highest priority.

For any questions please call the number below.

Sarah Taylor – Tribal Vision Program: 918.758.2710 ext. 4358

Click here for application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contract Health Services?

A federally funded (and some instances tribally funded) program that assists with payments to “outside” medical facilities/physicians for services received by an eligible American Indian/Alaska Native and Non-Native patients.

Assistance depends on eligibility, residence, medical priority, alternate resources and availability of funding.
We are not an insurance company!

Who is eligible for CHS?

Anyone who can provide proof that they are a member of a federally recognized tribe.
Tribal Citizenship Card
Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) Card
Verification Letter from Tribal Citizenship Office
Non-Native woman pregnant with an eligible Indian’s child.
Eligible individual must have a permanent address within CHSDA area.

How do I get a referral?

Must be seen by a doctor at a Tribal or IHS facility. That physician will then determine if outside services are needed for the patient.

If the patient was seen by an IHS or Tribal physician outside their CHSDA area; that facility must fax the referral to appropriate CHS office.

Eligible person went to a non-Tribal/IHS Emergency Room or Hospital for care, that patient or guardian must call in to proper CHS office within 72 hours or 30 days for elders.

**A referral is not a guarantee of payment for services, it is a request for payment for services.**

Why aren’t my bills getting paid?

Referrals must be approved before payment can be made.

•Clinical CHS staff/Outside CHS staff/Hospitals/patients must submit requested referral/call-in documentation to CHS office for review. (By Friday)

•CHS Case Managers review referrals and prepare them for the Medical Review Committee. (On Tuesday)

•Medical Review Committee prioritizes and ranks each referral.

•Referrals are then given to Account Support Specialist for estimated pricing, then given to CHS Financial Analyst.

•CHS Financial Analyst then starts to distribute money to the referrals going in order of priority until funding is exhausted.

•Approved/Denied referrals are given back to Account Support Specialist for Purchase Orders (PO) to be mailed out for approved referrals and Denial letters to be mailed out to patients and vendors for those that were denied.[/vc_column_text]

When can vendors expect payment?

PO/Claim/EOB must be received by the Accounts Support Specialist Dept.
If claim is submitted without PO or referral, claim will be sent to the bill processor for distribution to Account Support Specialists.
Claims will be re-priced to Medicare Like Rates (MLR), unless in a contract with vendor; or has a primary insurance.
All hospital claims will be re-priced to MLR, if patient has PVI we will only pay up to the MLR amount. If the PVI paid more than MLR, no payment will be made & balances are to be wrote off.
Claims are documented in the CHS system (WADE) by code and payment rate.
Payments are entered into the financial system (LincDoc) for approval by CHS Manager, once approved it is then transferred to Finance Dept. for Vendor verification and check processing.

Checks are received from finance, logged into the CHS system (Laserfiche), then mailed out with an EOB.
Process takes about 2-4 weeks.

What is a CHEF Case?

Catastrophic Health Emergency Fund
High dollar services, such as Cancer, Burns, High-Risk Births, Cardiac Disease, End-Stage Renal Disease, Strokes, etc.
All alternate resources and a $25,000.00 threshold must be met by the Tribal/IHS facility before reimbursements can be expected.
Cases are submitted to Area Office and reviewed then submitted to IHS Headquarters.
Reimbursement is based on First In First Out (FIFO).

My referral was denied….What do I do now?

All Denied Referrals can be APPEALED!!
The patient or someone acting on behalf of patient has 30 days from date of the denial letter to submit an appeal letter to the Creek CHS department.
Appeals are reviewed and processed to Medical Appeal Committee.
Medical Appeal Committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month.
After review of the Appeal Committee, a letter is mailed to patients and vendors with the decision of the Appeal.
Referrals can be appealed up to 2 times with written letters/documentation.