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For Your Health & Privacy

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health (MCNDH) offers a secure way for patients to communicate with their care team and view a portion of their Electronic Health Record (EHR). However, the information available for you to view through Patient Portal is not a comprehensive view of all the data in your EHR and accessing your health information via the web portal involves certain risks.

Patient Portal

How Patient Portal Works:

Patient Portal is a webpage that uses encryption and other security measures designed to keep unauthorized persons from reading communications, information or attachments. Secure messages and information are designed to be read only by someone who knows the right password or pass-phrase to access the Patient Portal site.

Who May Enroll?

Patient Portal is offered to all MCNDH patients with the following limitations:

  • MCNDH does not permit minors to use the Patient Portal
    • The parent or guardian of a minor can be enrolled as Health Care Proxy to access the Patient Portal on their behalf
    • In the case of a minor reaching legal age for Health Care Privacy, the minor may enroll in the Patient Portal or appoint a Health Care Proxy.
  • Possessors of Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare will be offered Patient Portal access.
  • Individuals appointed as Health Care Proxy by an MCNDH patient of legal age for Healthcare Privacy.

When Can I Enroll?

  • An eligible patient must present face-to-face with photo identification and a valid e-mail address to register for the Patient Portal.

Important Information Regarding the Patient Portal

  • The Patient Portal can only be used for non-emergency communications and requests
  • The Patient Portal cannot be used to diagnose and treat a new condition or provide medical services. If you need medical care make an appointment to see your doctor by calling one of our facilities.
  • Educational materials provide general information. Because everyone is different, you should discuss your own situation with your doctor.
  • Parts of your medical record may not be available on the Patient Portal


Sign Up

If you are interested in accessing the MCNDH Patient Portal, please speak with your Primary Provider who can get you signed up.

MCNDH will not answer questions or send protected health information by regular e-mail. All health related e-mail communication will be done through the secure and encrypted Patient Portal site.