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November 9, 2023
The Employee Service Awards Luncheon is an annually held luncheon recognizing MCN Health staff members who have achieved a milestone period of service 10 to 40 years (in increments of five years). Honorees and a guest are invited to luncheon hosted by Human Resources, and are presented with a token of gratitude for their service by Secretary of Health Shawn Terry.

The 2023 Employee Service Awards Luncheon was held on November 8 at River Spirit Casino Resort. Below are the lists of honorees.


10 Years of Service
Ralph Boyle
Marciana Harjo
Shelley Maslonka
Lisa Peters
Machelle Bonham
Patricia Henderson
Stephen Harjo
Patricia Alexander
Tanya Henry
Jo Crawford
Sueann Baird
Michael Ford
Michele Pigeon
Kristi Heneha-Roubidoux
Terry Nichols
Darla Carter
Misty Sheldon
Charles Gay
Nick Jansen
Carol Thompson
Erin Marshall
Kelly Lowe
Devin Britt
Teresa Hargis
15 Years of Service
Alicia Williams
Kelly Chebahtah
Annie Sanders
Bruce Hodson
Tamara Bighead
Leodia Dean
Michael Johnson
Sarah Fixico
Rebecca Smith
Tina Qualls
Sheryl Mays
Jeffrey Dean
20 Years of Service
Nedra Krueger
Crystal Aikins





25 Years of Service
Carol Henshaw
Jeanie Matthews
Laura Branch
Anna Lowe
30 Years of Service
Tamara Berryhill
40 Years of Service
Janet Cargil
Congratulations to all of this year’s honorees and MVTO for your hard work and dedication to the health and well-being of our communities!