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Personalized care for citizens of federally recognized tribes

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Our hospital facilities are open to the general public

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Contract health and specialized support

About MCN Health

Improving the Quality of Life for Our People and Our Communities

Headquartered in Okmulgee Okla., the Muscogee Nation is the fourth largest federally recognized tribe in the United States with more than 100,000 citizens. The Muscogee Nation Department of Health operates community hospitals. To ensure healthy generations of Native people, the Nation also operates Indian health clinics and provides dedicated services for citizens of federally recognized tribes.

As one of the largest tribal health systems in Oklahoma, the system delivers a variety of health services throughout our 11-county Reservation, spanning 4,811 square miles.

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Behavioral Health
& Substance Use

Our mission is to promote behavioral health to Native Americans in our communities, through the provision of therapeutic, educational, support, and behavioral health services.

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